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Comprehensive Cancer Alliance for Idaho (CCAI) Partnership

The Comprehensive Cancer Alliance for Idaho partnership is a group of organizations and individuals working to bring resources and expertise together to address the continuum of cancer care and to address priorities within Idaho's cancer control plan.

The organizational structure of the Alliance includes a Board of Directors, Priority Area Workgroups, and approximately 200 stakeholders.


Every Idahoan deserves the opportunity for proper cancer prevention and detection, state of the art cancer treatment and the highest possible quality of life which we are committed to provide through a data driven, coordinated, comprehensive cancer plan.


The human toll and economic impact of cancer in Idaho will be greatly reduced as a result of the efforts of the CCAI. We see a future where:

  • Fewer people are diagnosed with cancer in Idaho and more cancer is diagnosed at the earliest and most treatable stages;
  • The best available services and support needed for cancer patients, survivors and their loved ones exist throughout the state and are accessible and culturally appropriate for all; and
  • Health outcomes and the impact of cancer on lives will be improved for survivors.


To achieve this vision, we will strengthen and coordinate efforts to address cancer issues along the continuum of cancer prevention and care. The burden of cancer will be assessed, defined and monitored. Health infrastructure and systems will be enhanced. Partnerships have been forged and will continue to grow across the state and will be key in implementing the plan. Resources will be identified or developed and will be networked through collaborative efforts. Awareness will be raised on many levels, among the general populations, healthcare professions, organizations, agencies and policymakers.


To fulfill its mission, the goals of CCAI shall be to:

  • Decrease the incidence of preventable cancers.
  • Decrease preventable cancer deaths.
  • Improve the quality of life for people in Idaho affected by cancer.

Non-Profit Status

The CCAI became a 501(c)3 non-profit organization May 2010.

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